Craigslist Lingo -- A Primer

The first time you browse the 'casual encounters' section of Craigslist, you will likely come across terms you understand. You might make an educated guess based on context, but I'll spare you the trouble. After hours of intensive research, this is what I've come up with:

BBC = Big Black Cock
BBW = Big Beautiful Woman
HWP = Height-Weight-Proportionate
VGL = Very-Good-Looking
Party Favors = Drugs
NSA = No-Strings-Attached
D/D = Drugs and Disease (as in D/D free)
BDSM = BDSM is a combination of 3 acronyms, BD for Bondage Discipline, DS for Domination and Submission and SM for Sadomasochism
Femdom = A couple in which the dominant partner is female

I'm sure there are many more definitions, but I'll leave it be for now. Now you at least have enough knowledge to figure out what is being discussed in those juicy posts.